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The EMICON MC systems are qualified for most applications in plasma technology for analyzing the plasma, for optimizing the process, for plasma monitoring, for quality control and for process controlling. The turn-key EMICON MC systems come with all features necessary for monitoring common plasma processes and for communicating via analog and digital outputs with the application control.


The EMICON SA systems are especially designed for application regarding quality assurance and process control in industrial plamts and production lines. The integrated processor unit ensures stand-alone operation in 24/7 mode and easy integration of the EMICON SA system into the system conrol by e.g. LAN or Profibus.


The EMICON HR system is a high-resolution spectrometer system and it is especially qualified for detailed spectral plasma analysis and plasma monitoring but also for quality control and process controlling. The single channel EMICON HR system comes with all features necessary for monitoring and anaylzing process plasmas in detail.

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