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多通道等离子光谱监控系统 EMICON MC

发布于 2016-06-24 00:59

多通道等离子光谱监控系统 EMICON MC

多通道等离子光谱监控系统 EMICON MC

The EMICON MC systems are qualified for most applications in plasma technology for analyzing the plasma, for optimizing the process, for plasma monitoring, for quality control and for process controlling. The turn-key EMICON MC systems come with all features necessary for monitoring common plasma processes and for communicating via analog and digital outputs with the application control.

The spectral range of 200-1100 nm of the spectrometer units of the EMICON MC systems covers the complete UV-VIS-NIR range. The EMICON MC system can be equipped with up to eight spectrometer channels with no loss regarding speed of data acquisition and data transfer. The complete data communication is managed by a single USB 2.0 line thus enabling the system to carry out control tasks even with a notebook computer.
The EMICON software provides extensive new features especially for plasma monitoring, plasma analysis and process control: recipe manager, arithmetic of spectra, automatic, replay of saved data, scaling of response curve and much more.


EMICON MC Features:


Number of Channels 1-8
Wavelength range [nm] 200 – 1100
Spectral resolution [nm] 1.5
Signal resolution 16 Bit
Digital in/out 4/4
Analog out 8
Connectivity USB 2.0


Monitoring and optimizing plasma processes
Analysis of process plasmas
Monitoring of process stability
Endpoint detection in plasma etching
Gas flow control in reactive plasma sputter applications
Detection and monitoring plasma impurities
Quality control in lamp production
Leak detection


Data acquisition with broad band spectrometer
Real-time monitoring of plasma radiation
Process analysis and process monitoring
Replay of saved data for off-line process analysis
Process control with set-point function and PID control
Multi-channel spectrometer systems for spatially resolved measurements
Digital and analog inputs and outputs for system integration
PROFIBUS and LAN interface for integration in system control
User friendly Windows software

Technical Data

Wavelength range: 200 … 1100 nm
Spectral resolution: 1.5 nm
1-8 spectrometer channels
Time resolution: approx. 20 ms to minutes
Analog outputs: ± 10 volts

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